Klausau presents: The unified Callback Number 1-888-383-8974 or 1-312-535-7171

Now registered Klausau users have the possibility to make long distance calls with their cell phones at very cheap rates. You no longer need to memorize access numbers, depending on where you are right now - just dial 1-888-383-8974 or 1-312-535-7171, and a few moments later the Klausau system will call you and tell you what to do next.

A call to the unified callback number 1-888-383-8974 or 1-312-535-7171 is absolutely free of charge. You only pay for the call duration at your service provider’s rate.

Calling with Klausau is even more convenient and affordable now!

Please note! Due to some VoIP setting changes, our unified callback number 1-888-383-8974 may be identified differently on your phone (for example, as a restricted number or entirely different phone number). It is important to know that after you call to 1-888-383-8974, the system will call you back within 30 seconds. Don’t pay attention to a number shown on your phone - if after your call to 1-888-383-8974, you get called within 30 seconds, it’s the Klausau system calling - just take the call please.