Helpful information

I am dialing a number and it is not connecting. What do I do wrong?
Please make sure you are dialing the correct number. For more assistance contact Customer Service.

Are your rates the same no matter when I call?
Yes, our rates are the same any time of the day, all year round.

Will my account ever expire?
Your account and credit will never expire.

Why is it more expensive to call mobile numbers in some countries?
Cellular companies charge more for calls terminated to phone numbers belonging to their networks.

How do I call an international number?
In order to make international calls you have to add credit to your account and dial one of our access numbers, then enter the destination number.

What is a Local access number?
A local access number is a regular phone number that you can call to get access to our network.

What is a Toll Free access number?
A toll-free access number (or Freephone number in the UK) is a special telephone number, in which the calling party is not charged for the call by the telephone company.

Do you charge any extra fees or taxes?
No, our rates include all fees and taxes. There are no additional charges other than he advertised rates.

Where can I see a list of all the rates?
Click on “Rates” above on the navigation bar. You will see the lowest rate for each individual country. Click on the country’s name for addition rate for specific areas of that destination.

  • Technical support

    Feel free to call 1-877-338-1545 and let us answer your questions. We are always here to help 10 am – 5 pm CST.

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