New tariffs to Ukraine:

Cell phones - 38 cents, landlines - 20 cents

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Rates for mobile operator services may go down

It is reported by the Public Services Regulatory Commission (RSRC).

As it was already reported, since June 15 this year the new roaming system - the "roaming as at home" concept, ie, you can travel abroad and pay for calls, text messages and data transfer at the rates of your domestic mobile operator – is to be applied to the domestic rates.

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Attention! Rate change for calls to Ukraine and Bulgaria (cell and landline numbers)

Due to price hike of backbone providers in Ukraine and Bulgaria, Klausau is reporting a correction of rates for calls to these areas.

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​Attention! Rate change for calls to Bulgaria Mobile Mobiltel numbers

Attention! Rate change for calls to Bulgaria Mobile Mobiltel numbers

Due to the unplanned rate hike on incoming mobile calls by Bulgaria Mobile Mobiltel mobile operator, Klausau is forced to report a correction of call rates for this direction.
Now the cost of a call to Bulgaria Mobile Mobiltel numbers (+359 87, +359 88 and +359 89) is 20 cents per minute.
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Calls to Europe: Why the Sudden Changes in Prices?

Maybe some of you who has some personal or business connections in Europe noticed a drastic changes in call rates when trying to call friends, family or business partners in different European Union countries. What has happened? Is that some kind of attempt from malicious and dishonest phone operators to rip you off? Well, not exactly so. The answer lies in changes in EU laws regarding international phone calls that are taking place since the start of this year.

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Due to some VoIP setting changes

Please note! Due to some VoIP setting changes, our unified callback number 1-888-383-8974 may be identified differently on your phone (for example, as a restricted number or entirely different phone number). It is important to know that after you call to 1-888-383-8974, the system will call you back within 30 seconds. Don’t pay attention to a number shown on your phone - if after your call to 1-888-383-8974, you get called within 30 seconds, it’s the Klausau system calling - just take the call please.

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