Rates for mobile operator services may go down

It is reported by the Public Services Regulatory Commission (RSRC).

As it was already reported, since June 15 this year the new roaming system - the "roaming as at home" concept, ie, you can travel abroad and pay for calls, text messages and data transfer at the rates of your domestic mobile operator – is to be applied to the domestic rates.

This means operators will no longer be able to charge users additional fees for providing roaming services, but the operators will still have to pay wholesale charges to operators from other counties, as representatives of the commission explain. "Although wholesale rates have already been significantly reduced, such additional expenses can still be quite significant," the RSRC stresses.

Now most operators offer rate plans, in which the data transfer fee is less than 7.70 euros per gigabyte (GB). This means that quite often there can be situations when the operator's expenses during the period when the user is outside the county of operation will exceed the revenues received by the operator from the user, the commission explains.

RSRC indicates that at the same time the decision taken at the European level to gradually reduce the wholesale payment for the use of data transmission in roaming is a good sign. The wholesale fee will continue to decrease gradually and by January 1, 2022, it will reach 2.5 euro/GB. Such a decrease in wholesale rates will also contribute to lower domestic fares.